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Personable service from all staff, I can receive both massage and chiropractic service in one place. The massage therapist is excellent, and knows exactly what is needed.

Elizabeth P

Dr. Ramsey is very caring in his approach to his patients.

Carol C.

Dr. Ramsey shares helpful and interesting information. I feel well taken care of!

Becky L.

Everyone a the office is genuine and truly cares about my overall health and well being.

Mary E.

Dr. Ramsey is a caring and compassionate person, who makes you feel as though you always have his undivided attention, and your well being is the most important thing. His staff are just as caring and friendly as well. I always feel as though I am visiting friends.

Maribeth L.

My wife suggested that I see Dr. Ramsey after attending a brown bag lunch that he was putting on at Gresham City Hall. My Neck & back were bothering me, but my right hand & arm hurt so bad that I couldn't bear to shake hands. Over the last seven months I slowly have improved in all areas so that I can now do everything I want or need to do. I fell comfortable with the doctor and trust his judgment & knowledge. I think the clinic tries to open their patients eyes to all manners of wellness by offering different seminars on diet, supplements, & exercise. Very professional & courteous at all times

Bill Holts (Age 55)

Dr.Ramsey is the greatest. Everything is feeling much better. I think the office is ran like a Rolex watch every day. Always clean and friendly.

Suvanah Grohs(Age 41)

I came in for chronic back pain and neck issues due to car accidents and digging a lot due to my job. Since seeing Dr. Ramsey I have slow but steady pain relief and restoration to my range of motion. Dr.Ramsey is very helpful, friendly and professional. The office is a very positive environment; I receive helpful advice and good adjustments.

Brandon Kilty (Age 21)

I was having severe headaches that made it impossible to do much. I believe my problem started when I fell quite a while ago and ignored the small symptoms. These symptoms have stopped me from being active/exercise consistently. Now 3 months later my headaches are gone and my neck is much better. I get some pain but rarely. Dr.Ramsey is very personable, and makes chiropractic care comfortable and enjoyable. All the staff are very friendly. You feel welcomed every visit.

Holly Rice (Age 31)

The office personnel and staff here are the most caring and helpful people you can ask for. From the very first day they make you feel welcome and very comfortable. I'm very impressed by the extra charity events they are a part of. It's always a warm feeling to be here. They give the same care and comfort to all their patients. I love all of you!!!

Cathy Goble (Age 57)
Patient of the month

I have always had headaches. I don't remember not having them. When they turn into migraines, I end up in bed and sick to my stomach. I still get headaches but I have not had ANY migraines in a long time. The headaches are getting better too. Dr.Ramsey listens and offers many ideas and the staff are the most friendly I have ever encountered in any doctors office.

Teresa Monty (Age 50)
Patient of the month

I had chronic hip pain, low back pain, headaches, illiotibial band tightness. It started as impingement in the right hip joint, problems with gait, pain sleeping on the side. I have had pain at some level for the last 30 years. The chronic pain made me stop running which caused extra stress. Since seeing Dr.Ramsey in December of 2006 the chronic pain has lessened, my pelvis is more stable, I have no more headaches, my gait was corrected with orthotics, and my all over postural alignment is better. Dr.ramsey is very knowledgeable in his field and fitness, he is gentle and professional.

Denise Cherry

I can't thank Dr. Ramsey enough for all that he has done for my wife Tereasa and I. We had both suffered from back and neck pain after a car accident and other trauma and he stepped in to make a difference. His hands brought a healing touch when we needed it most. I wouldn't think of seeing anyone else for future care. Thanks Rob.

Mike & Teresa Jefferies

I saw Dr.Ramsey after my wife referred after being involved in a motorcycle accident when I was rear ended by another car, when I was driving 5 months ago. Since coming in I have no pain in my neck, no numbness in my arms & legs and my overall functionality has returned 90percent. Dr.Ramsey is very professional and easy to talk to.

Shane Steffanson

For a couple of weeks I had to sit out at practice because of back pain. I have since gotten a lot better and I barley have any pain. My mom referred me to Dr.Ramsey & he is very nice.

Kendra Groom (Age 15)

I started seeing Dr.ramsey 4 years ago for severe neck and low back pain. Since I recently started seeing Dr.ramsey again on an active care schedule I have had less headaches. He's great and all the staff are wonderful!!!!

Stacy Phelps

I started care in March of 2008 after seeing Dr.Ramsey at Joes's in Gresham doing spinal screenings. I had low back problems and neck pain, since starting care I have less pain, I'm able to move around easier, and I'm slowly getting back to my normal activities. He's a great guy and knows his stuff with great people in the office and great programs to help you live a better life!!!!!

Jeff Waterland

I couldn't tell you exactly where my problem began but my neck and shoulders hurt, and my hands were numb. It made it hard to do normal activities, especially with my hands. I began seeing Dr. Ramsey in August of 2008, since beginning my care, I have felt 10X better. He is a great guy, his practice works and he has conversation with us! My husband also comes. He is very pleased with Dr. Ramsey.

Jennifer Johnson- Teacher (Oregon Trail School District)

I had horrid migraines every day that no "Medical Doctor" could find reason for, I them for eight months before coming to see Dr. Ramsey. For four of those eight months it was hard to do anything it was so painful. I noticed an immediate change. My headaches got better, and after 2 weeks of care my headaches were gone. It was amazing. I had my life back. Dr.Ramsey is so nice. You can tell he genuinely cares about how I'm feeling. He explains everything perfectly too. The staff knows who I am and also cares about my recovery. Everyone is so nice. I know when I walk in everyone there cares about how I'm doing. They know of my personal accomplishments, and I know theirs. Dr. Ramsey is always so kind and goes the extra to make sure I'm comfortable with everything. I couldn't be happier with the care and attention by the entire office and would highly recommend Dr.Ramsey to ANYONE!

Tara McAbery- Certified Nurses Assistant

I was experiencing muscle spasm in my right center back and periodic headaches. 25 years ago I had an extreme attack that had me unable to move for a couple of weeks. It comes back slightly ever since then. I started care last month and since then I have nearly no spasms and my periodic headaches are almost gone. Dr.Ramsey is very personable and also gentle while effective. I am impressed with the technique and the staff is very friendly.

JoAnn Atkinson- Retired

I was experienceing neck and back pain after being in an auto accident, one month ago. I am now more knowledgeable about the body than I was before starting/ receiving care here. Dr. Ramsey is very imformative and friendly. Everyone in the office is very nice and I appreciate the wonderful care that I have received since I have started here. Thank You!!!!!!

Kymm Vansickle- Customer Service, Age 35

I decided to seek treatment at Gresham Town Fair Chiropractic because of my neck & back pain. The pain started years ago but had gotten worse with time and slows me down at times. I've realized that some of my back pain is because of my bed but the regular adjustments have really taken away the constant pain. I met Dr. Ramsey at a health fair for the City of Gresham and he's great! I've felt very welcomed and the staff seems eager to please and help,

Cherie Ludwig

I first Started seeing Dr. Ramsey 7 months ago. I was in so much pain, I could barley walk. I had gone to the "real" doctor 2 weeks previously and all they did was hand me a bunch of pills and told me to stay home for a week. A friend of mine gave me a "New Patient Special" flyer and I made an appointment. I knew right away that this was the right choice when I was given an actual exam, with x-rays and everything. Dr. Ramsey found that I had Sciatica and Scholiosis. Within a week I was walking upright again! It's been a long road, including a major set back with an auto accident, but I'm proud to say that with Dr. Ramsey and his staff's help, I have made a fantastic recovery! I even took part in the "Relay for Life" last weekend, walking 20 miles!!!!! Thanks so much Dr. Ramsey!!!!! If it wasn't for you and the wonderful care I recevied from everyone in your office, I could never have taken part in it!!

Erica Claxton- Bartender (Age 43)

It began by being hit by a car. My body ached and I could barley sit for long. I started seeing Dr. Ramsey on March 7th, 2008. My pain has now reduced alot. I'm able to sit without having a ton of pain. Dr. Ramsey does really goodwork!

Natasha Lisher- Student (Age 18)

I started seeing Dr. Ramsey in May of 2008 after my son-in-law referred me, for severe shoulder, neck pain and significant loss of mobility in my neck and right arm, that had resulted from a fall out of a moving vehicle 3 years ago. I am now restored 80% of my mobility in my shoulder and arm. I have no headaches, no dizziness and no numbness of the face. Dr. Ramsey is very thorough in his examinations and analysis of the problem. Techniques of realignment are effective and comfortable. Different techniques are employed have been instantly effective in relieving pain and affording added mobility. Much time is spent explaining medical theory and practice in the on-going treatment program. A treatment program based on examination is developed; benchmarks are measured; staff actively engages the patient, keeping the patient "on track" in the treatment process.

George Ebner- Retired (Age 58)
Patient of the Month