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Tech Neck Troubles: How to Keep Your Family Pain-Free and Posture-Perfect

Did You Know...

Looking down at those digital devices can triple the load on your child's neck. Imagine carrying a heavy backpack all day... but instead of your shoulders taking the load, it's all on your neck—that's what "tech neck" feels like to your body! Tech neck is fast becoming the #1 cause of headaches for kids and adults alike. Our young tech wizards are logging up to 1,400 hours every year in tech neck postures. And guess what? We adults aren't doing much better. But no worries! That's where our tech-neck-tackling team comes in. We're here to help your whole family say hello to good posture and goodbye to neck pain!

Why It Matters…

Get this. Chiropractic adjustments aren't just for adults. Studies have shown they can be a game-changer for helping kids relieve that tech neck stress.

Next Steps…

You've got this. Teach your kids to take mini stretch breaks. One of our parents shared to help make the idea stick they've told their kids to think of these as "posture pit stops"—hey, eye roll or not, they'll remember! On that note—feel like you're due for a "posture tune-up"? Reach out and let's make it happen. Remember, from the youngest to the oldest in your family, we're your local and kid-friendly go-to crew for all things spinal wellness.

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September 29, 2023